The unlawful incarceration of zone9 bloggers is the latest in a long line of attempts to muffle freedom of expression in Ethiopia. Having tried to impede Zone9ers from exercising their freedom of expression by harassing them using various methods, the Ethiopian government, which is in power for the last 23 years, has detained the young and bright bloggers since April, 25 2014.

Right away after their detention the Minister of Communication Affairs of the Ethiopian government (spokesperson?) accused the bloggers of producing ‘facts’ and blackmailing the government. Hence; the Ethiopian government is trying make up a lawsuit based on a complete fabrications and unfounded allegations. Working with foreign NGO which claims itself as human right organization was one of the initial ‘offenses’ the bloggers were accused of at the beginning of the saga. The second wave of accusations which claimed that the bloggers have attempted to cause instability using social media followed. Finally the government accused the bloggers of working with domestic ‘terrorist’ organizations. The government put one unfounded allegation after the other. Simply put, this case highlights government’s efforts to mask the deeply inconsistent and political Ethiopian justices system which the bloggers have attempted to report on before their detention.

While the government engaged in finger-pointing and wild allegations they fail to produce a sensible legal argument even based on their own ‘unconstitutional’ statutes which were decreed for the sake of gagging citizens and instilling fear among people.

Since the imprisonment of zone9 bloggers the judges presided to observe the case have permitted the police to breach the fundamental, Constitutional right of the bloggers by allowing the police an extensive period of time for investigation.

One response to “Case

  1. What is new about Ethiopian government inhumane act? For the last twenty three years we Ethiopianslost millions innocence people due to their fear, greed or power hunger manner, their act has been horrifying to explain which left huge scar in nation minds, this isomers mall peace of TPLF inhumane act. Every secon a young manis losing their live or throw to jail with no crime committed, people terrified to speak out what is going on for getting tomorrow will be their turn. Therefore; let say the bloggers case is one of TPLF injustice act and we need to mention those who lost their lives, jailed, tortured, evicted, injected with infectious diseases, the woneinjucted with poison to stop them having a child,a child who has been refused health, education or a very basic need resources. Our issues is like a mountain and without nation determination to end these pain it might stay for a while.


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